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My Digital World is a program that is mainly focused on raising awareness about responsible and positive online behavior, critical thinking, privacy and avoiding scam while using digital platforms and societal issues that are frequently discussed through digital technology to promote safe, responsible, and useful usage of social media platforms. This program is implemented by KEMMCOM Media and Communications in partnership with Meta.

You must download and use the attendance sheet uploaded on the micro-site ( for each training session and upload trainees’ attendance after the training. In addition, KEMMCOM will send a representative to your CSOs to observe the session in progress during one of the days you have committed to provide the training to the community of CSOs. For instance: if you make a commitment to KEMMCOM that states you will deliver the training to your trainees starting from October 9 to October 13, then KEMMCOM will send one person to observe and evaluate the session unannounced in one of the five days.

After the trainees complete the training, we have prepared a quiz to measure their level of understanding that is available on . Once they take the quiz, they will be issued digital certificate that recognizes their efforts.

This is a second project for KEMMCOM in partnership with Meta. From experience, there might be other similar projects and if you are interested, please follow us on different social medial platforms (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) to get latest updates, news and information on all upcoming involvements.

Yes, but primarily, a facilitator is expected to train the number of trainees mentioned on your commitment form. However, if you want to train more, then you may first meet your committed number and communicate that to KEMMCOM on the additional number.

You can assist the registration of your trainees by sharing this micro-site link

After the trainer completes delivering the training using the quality and standards set during the ToT, then she/he will receive a certificate from Meta/KEMMCOM.

CSOs may use their own logo with program title or “Training on Digital Literacy”.

Observers’ role is to observe quality of the overall facilitation process, understand and gauge the audience and whether questions are addressed in a proper manner. In addition, they will be able to document some questions that need to be addressed by KEMMCOM.

KEMMCOM heavily relies on the dedicated CSOs with the capacity and resources such as training facilities and allocated budget to cascade the training sessions to their local communities. For this round of the program, KEMMCOM is providing technical assistance.

Trainees that would like to receive a Certificate of Participation from Meta and KEMMCOM would need to sign-up on the Micro-site and take the assessment.